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Tofino when it rains

Updated: May 21

Tofino when it rains // Local Secrets

Tofino is a temperate rainforest known for its wild untamed beauty. We find the rain offers a moody yet mystical experience. We put together a guide with a few secret tips for some of our favourite activities during rainy days.

Mermaid Tales Bookshop
A boutique bookstore; since it's smaller scale you'll find hidden gems on every shelf. The kind staff are always ready with helpful book recommendations. Pick up one of their cute bookmarks as a memento of your Tofino treasure find.

Forest Bathing
Practice forest bathing at the Rainforest Loop trail. The forest canopy provides a natural shelter from the rain and wind. Notice the scent of the forest in the rain; we find the rain brightens the wood's fragrance. Pay close attention to how the raindrops sparkle and highlight the forest's vibrant shades of green. Our Canopy Essential oil captures the essence of this experience in a bottle.
Cedar Sauna and Rainforest Hot Tub at Hotel Zed
We especially love this hot tub and sauna since it's located by Stillwater Nature Spa.
Massage at Stillwater Nature Spa
Embark on a spa ritual at Stillwater Nature Spa. Our spa consistently receives rave reviews, especially during downpours. Being wrapped in warm linens, listening to the sounds of rain and wind, and experiencing the sensation of "feeling the rain" without the cold & wet is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's the coziest way possible to connect with the elements.

Driftwood Café at the Wickaninnish Inn
Visit the Driftwood Café at the Wickaninnish Inn. Look out at North Cherstman Beach as you sip a Chai latte. Psst, the croissants are incredible as the pastry chef was trained in France. These croissants may potentially transport you to a quaint French town. Perhaps bring your new book from Mermaid's Tale or journal.

Unlike other surf destinations, you can surf in the rain as there are no biting sharks in Tofino. Rent a wetsuit or book a lesson from Surf Sister. Surfing in the rain adds a cinematic effect, you're guaranteed to feel fully alive and revived after a session.

Hot Springs Cove
Take a covered boat ride through Clayoquot Sound to Hot Springs Cove. The cold rain trickling down enhances the experience as you sit in the geothermally heated earth pools-- there's something so primal about heat from the earth's core. We recommend this over whale watching because you naturally get whale watching on your boat ride to and from the hot springs. Keep your eye out for the friendly wolf dogs at Hot Springs Cove.

Image captured by Cristina Gareau

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