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"Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it."



The Botanical Gardens

Visit the Tofino Botanical Gardens for an opportunity to learn about the local biosphere and culture of the Tofino area.

The gardens are 12-acres of cultivated plant beds, enchanting courtyards, sculptures, water inlets, farm animals & ancient rain-forest. Follow the trails and raised boardwalks to be guided through stunning sections of the property.

Choose from a variety of activities from sipping tea at Darwin's cafe, staying overnight at the Ecolodge, "forest bathing" among the ancient trees or pampering yourself at Stillwater Massage.


Old Growth Forest




Forest Bathing


Forest bathing: A Japanese practice known as Shrin-yoku. To forest bathe is to meditate and immerse oneself in nature. A myriad of health benefits occurs from this practice. Especially notable long term benefits include reducing fatigue, maintaining a healthy heart and preventing diseases. Instant results for anxiety relief, boosting mood, increasing energy levels and lowering blood pressure.

Connect with the power of Nature at Stillwater Massage after a holistic massage treatment.