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Forest bathing: A Japanese practice known as Shrin-yoku.


Let yourself repose and be one with the natural elements. To forest bathe is to immerse oneself in nature. Meditate, be and allow the senses to unwind.


 A myriad of health benefits occurs from this ancient practice. Especially notable long term benefits include reducing fatigue, maintaining a healthy heart and preventing diseases. Instant results for anxiety relief, boosting mood, increasing energy levels and lowering blood pressure.

Connect with the power of Nature at Stillwater Massage after a holistic massage treatment. Explore 12 acres of ancient rainforest, cultivated gardens and whimsical pathways.

Let nature lead you to authentic refreshment and renewal.



  • Respecting the environment 

  • Limiting our environmental footprint

  • Using high quality, cruelty free, organic and sustainable products

  • Offering exceptional customer service

  • Client confidentiality


Come to the woods for here is rest.

John Muir