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The concept of Stillwater Nature Spa was birthed from the tranquility and solace that nature has brought the founder Mary Helena. Seeing the healing ability in her professional craft of Massage Therapy and the stillness nature exudes, she sought to tie them together to create an authentic wellness experience. 

We encourage guests to practice Forest Bathing after their massage treatment.

To Forest Bathe is to immerse oneself in nature. Being still, meditating and and allowing the senses to unwind. A myriad of scientific benefits occur from this ancient practice. Instant results for anxiety relief, boosting mood, increasing energy levels and lowering blood pressure. Long term benefits include reducing fatigue, maintaining a healthy heart and preventing diseases

We are passionate about connecting people back to nature. Reminding them that if we take care of Nature, we ultimately take care of ourselves.

As a 1% For the Planet Member, Stillwater is committed to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Let nature lead you to authentic refreshment and renewal.



  • Offering exceptional customer service

  • Respecting the environment 

  • Limiting our environmental footprint

  • Using high quality, cruelty free, organic and sustainable products

  • Client confidentiality


Come to the woods for here is rest.

John Muir